Mercedes-Benz For iPhone X XR Mobile Phone Perforated Genuine Leather Case Cover

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Brand Johnny Boy
Product Type Iphone Case Cover

Made with quality, genuine leather.
    Classic, lightweight, durable
    Signature silver logo that brings out the brand's prestigious image
    Strong protection against heat, scratches, dust and impact

The Mercedes Benz New Perforated Genuine leather case is made of authentic, genuine leather for a refined and modern feel.
Decorated with a stylish, curving outline and a unique perforated pattern on top.
Emblazoned with the shimmering silver Mercedes Benz logo, to communicate the brand’s prestigious image.

The case provides solid protection against scratches and potential damages from daily use while maintaining a classy profile.
It is your ideal daily must-have item, which protects your smartphone in utmost elegance & prestige.

Inspired by Mercedes-Benz.

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