The Diamond Fingers Knife Sharpener creates new, straight and accurate cutting edges by honing the blade edge to the ideal 20 degree angle. It contains 6 sharpening fingers and has a strong and sturdy handle with handguard perfect for professional chefs and home cooking enthusiasts.

25 year manufacturer guarantee
100% Genuine!

Furi Pro Range

The Furi Pro Knife Range is stain, rust and corrosion resistant due to the durable and tough Japanese stainless steel.
Furi Knives uniquely wedge shaped handle reduces hand fatigue and is anti-slip making this ideal for professional chefs or home cooking enthusiasts.
 Each knifes seamless construction is designed for strength, balance and weight.
The bolster has been designed for strength, safety and comfort and the seamless construction also eliminates places for food to get trapped in, which ensures the ultimate in hygiene.
Tech Edge technology allows for extremely sharp edges which are hardened for optimal shape and shape retention. 

Furi Pro Knife Range comes with a 25 year guarantee against defects.
Furi was established in 1996 and engineered for design, innovation and performance by leading engineers and international chefs. Designed in Australia, only the best modern materials and the latest in knife technology are sourced and used.
Innovation is close to the heart of Furi and is the core of everything they do that is for sure!

  • 25 Years Replacement Warranty

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