Auction Policy

All Auctions are final and do not come with any warranty unless stated.
No refunds or returns apply to Auctions.

How to:

1. Bid??
Answer. Enter your price in the input prior to Place Bid button and when it says bid placed successfully, you're done.

2. See the bid status?
Answer. Go to my account section and check the status after clicking View Your Bid and select the Auction Category and click to view. Also, you will be notified when bid completes and status will be sent to you by email.

3. Pay for Winning Products?
Answer. When someone wins the Auction he/she needs to go to account section.
Select the winning Tab in his/her bidding section under View Your Bid and click on Buy Now.

4. Coupon Codes?
Answer. No coupon codes or further discount applies to Auctions

5. Pickup availability?
Answer. All Auctions are available for postage unless stated otherwise.
Pick up is available for Victorian Customers.

6. If an Auction is stated pick up only
Answer. You must be able to organize your own courier or have prior arrangements made with Johnny or the Gang.

7. If you Win the auction how much time do you have to pay for it?
All Auctions that have been Won must be paid for withing 24 hours unless prior arrangements have been made once again with Johnny or the Gang.