Diamond Painting Hobby: 6 Things You Should Know About Diamond Art

Diamond Painting Hobby: 6 Things You Should Know About Diamond Art

Are you in search of a new hobby to keep you busy in Melbourne? Or are you looking for something worth investing your money in? How about diamond art? This unique form of painting traces its origin to Asia about a decade ago and has grown to become more popular among crafters and enthusiasts alike who are after ways to be creative.

Diamond painting is a way of relieving the mind of stress. It needs minimal effort, and if done repeatedly can be a norm for those who struggle with mental health issues. Despite the name, diamond art has no relation to your beloved brush stroke.

What is Diamond Painting?

It’s a type of mosaic art where the painter applies various shiny coloured resins on a glued canvas to create a complete painting. And the result is a beautiful piece that took hours of dedicated hard work, a masterpiece of your own making!

The artist uses an applicator to add various shiny resin rhinestones on the adhesive canvas with colour codes. The resulting painting is a vivid work of art, which you can put in diamond art frames and hung on your office walls, gift a loved one, or sell it via Pinterest or blog.

Diamond painting is a relaxing hobby that can help you reduce stress. It’s also a great way to get in touch with your creative side. It’s super cheap to start this hobby. You can get all the supplies you need for less than $100.

What are the Materials and Tools Used in Diamond Art?

You can find many various diamond painting kits with ready tools and materials to create the art. A typical kit will have a canvas, applicator pen, adhesive, paddy wax, brilliant resin drills, and tray. If you’ve worked with beads before, diamond painting works in the same way, only that you’ll be using drills.

Don’t worry about what a drill is, it’s just a formal term for rhinestone diamonds. They’re usually rounded at the top and with one flat surface. Other accessories which are essential for this type of artistry include a light pad which is ideal for reducing eye strain.

There’s also a diamond organizer for storing and keeping track of the coloured diamonds. Washi tapes are also essential for preventing dust from toughing the adhesive while you paint. Skilled diamond painters may also use various sophisticated multi-applicator pens together with an ergonomically designed crafting area.

How Do You diamond Paint?

It’s important to use a fully straightened canvas. But since the canvas comes wrapped in the kit, you can open it up and place it under a heavy object, like a stack of newspapers or books, for several hours. Doing this will straighten it and make it easier for your painting.

If you have an LED lighting pad, stretch the canvas on it and peel back just a small section of the plastic cover that protects the adhesive to work on.  Don’t peel it off all at once as it helps keep the sticky part clean and prevent drying off.

Start working with the diamond rhinestones by using the canvas’ coded cart to match the symbol with a corresponding colour code. You may use a single-color code of the drill to start with. Simply pour some of them onto the tray and shake gently to make the drills settle with the right side upwards. This way, it’ll be easier to pick them using the applicator pen.

Next step, dip the diamond art pen in wax severally until the tip is a little waxed. Using the pen, pick the drills one by one and place them on a matching symbol. Apply the colour you’re working with onto the adhesive canvas. Once done with the section, peel off another section of the canvas and work on it until you’re done.

All that’s left is to use a diamond art frame to display your masterpiece at home, office, gift a friend. 

What’s the difference between round and square drills?

They’re equally the same but their performance is a bit different. The round diamond drills give a painter an easy time picking up and are often preferred by most beginners. However, they’ll create gaps on the canvas and can interrupt your painting’s shiny appeal.

The square-shaped diamond drills are often a better option for those who want to create a compact diamond painting. They’re more preferred by experienced crafters and will give a complete shiny effect on the painting as they fit neatly together leaving, no gaps.

Which Type of Art Theme is the Best for Beginners?

Choosing a kit with a theme that relates to your preference and taste is the best way to go. A theme that matches your personality can help you get relaxed and embrace diamond painting for relaxation and a hobby.

There are tons of kit themes to choose from, including inspirational quotes, landscape artwork, portraits, electric visuals, abstract arts, and more. What makes diamond painting fun is that you’re not bound to use the adhesive canvas. If you like, you can also paint notebooks, pictures, bracelets, key chains, night lights, bookmarks, and more.

How do 5D Diamonds Differ From the 3D?

5D and 3D represent the number of facets that are cut into the drills. The diamond drills with more facets will make shinier paintings. As such, 5D diamond paintings tend to be more attractive and attention-grabbing to the eye.

However, making such paintings requires a mastery of the art of painting with diamonds. If you’re getting started, it’s more practical to use the 3D diamond drills first and slowly advance to using the 5D type. This way, you’ll appreciate your artwork and devise better ways of improving it, which calls for advancing into 5D diamond painting.

Final Thoughts

Apart from being a form of relaxing the mind, embracing full drill diamond art painting can become an addictive hobby that you’d want to do anytime you get a chance. The good thing about diamond painting is that it doesn’t require prior knowledge of painting. Everything is set for you and you have the choice to be as creative as you like.

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